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HRG Team

Human Rights Guardians team

Sulaiman Issa


Former consultant for Humanitarian Dialogue
Investigative advisor with Cija and ldhr
Founder of Human Rights Protectors
Member of the Syrian Association for Citizen Dignity, Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights
Executive director since 2018
Lecturer and trainer on transitional justice, UN mandates and legal education for victims' families

Saadeddin Dakhil


Computer engineer working in the relief and humanitarian field since 2012, and the organization of HRG since 2014 in various fields.

Anas Dello

Program manager

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Damascus, professor in law, since 2000, human rights activist

Ahmad Hasoun

Finance manager

I work in the field of defending human rights since 2011
I work for the Human Rights Protectors Organization from its founding in 2014 to date
I Work with the organization as a data collector, data archiving and archiving officer and financial officer

Ahmad Jumjami

field team manager

worked in law at the Hama branch, and in the year 2000 I worked at an association for the defense of human rights, human rights activist and human rights defender and documented violations since 2014 ... the official of the field team in Syria and resides in the Syrian north

Braaa Barakat

field team coordinator

Activist and human rights defender since 2014 and work as a documentary. And responsible. Coordination with relatives of the victims until 2018 and data entry until 2020

Khansa Youneso

project coordinator

Bachelor's degree in economics, human rights defender, former accountant and project coordinator for Human Rights Guardians .

اخر المدونات

أحدث المدونات و الشكاوى من قبل المنظمة

حماة حقوق الإنسان تخطر الفريق العامل بالاعتقال التعسفي عن اعتقال شخصين سوريين تعسفا                  

حماة حقوق الإنسان تخطر الفريق العامل بالاعتقال التعسفي عن اعتقال شخصين سوريين تعسفا                   جنيف 1-07-2020  خاطبت منظمة حماة حقوق الإنسان، في الأول من تموز  ، الفريق العامل المعني بحالات الاحتجاز التعسفي في الأمم المتحدة اقرأ المزيد…

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