Statement of the victims’ families on the International Day of Enforced Disappearance

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

Mr. Secretary General of the United Nations
Members of the Security Council
International private envoy to Syria Mr.Dimestora
Mr. high commissioner for human rights
Head of state of the world and international and local organizations interested in Syrian affairs.
We are the families of 15 enforced disappearance victims have instructed Human Rights Guardians to publish this statement and address the above-mentioned authorities.
We have been suffering for years from the disappearance of our beloved ones
The answer is always from the Syrian government (we don’t where they are), where are our beloved ones gentlemen???
Where 10 thousands of people who have been arrested and there is no news about them after their arrest.
It’s a pleasure to hear from any of the released that our beloved ones are in prison.
Many of our relatives die daily under torture, and if the jailer is honorable he asks us to come and get their ID card or some of their belongings that were with them at the time of arrest.
To know the grave of your son or husband became a dream for us Syrians.
Therefore, on this day we the families of the enforced disappearance victims demand the international community with the followings:
1: Compulsion of the Syrian government to sign the international convention of enforced disappearance, and to consider enforced disappearance as a punishable crime by the Syrian law.
2: To unveil the fate of those who are forcibly disappeared in Syria and put them under the protection of law.
3: Opening prisons for international organizations and to unveil the fate of thousands of people who have been forcibly disappeared.
4: Make the perpetrators of the crime of the enforced disappearance face justice
Antakia -30-8-2017