Statement : case of a citizen from Damascus who was born on 1988

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

HRG notified the Enforced disappearance team about the case of a citizen from Damascus who was born on 1988, he was heading towards Hama when the air force intelligence arrested him on a check point, according to one of the witness who was with him and he was taken to the air force intelligence branch in hama.
later he was transferred to Kafr-Soseh according to his famil who paid 2000 $ to an element in the state security and told them that their son is in Kafr-Soseh.
another former prisoner called the family and confirmed that their son is in Kafr-Soseh .
HRG Addressed Enforced disappearance team to ensure an immediate release of the detainee or put under the protection of the law.
HRG states that these Arbitrary arrests are an example of the systematic practice of the Enforced disappearance which claimed the lives of thousands of young people and spread horror between the detainees’ relatives who 30% of them didn’t search for their relatives out of fear of being arrested.
and the Syrian authorities must put an end to this practices which is considered a war crime and crime against humanity according to the private investigation committee of Syria.