The disappearing of an agriculture engineer by the hands of the state security

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

HRG addressed the enforced disappearance team on Oct 11th 2017 regarding the case of an agriculture engineer who was arrested by the state security forces on AUG 22ND 2013 while he was returning back from his work in the agriculture collage in Damascus University to his house which is located in Saqba suburb, on the crossroads of Al-assad suburb and Harasta the state security forces alongside with the national army put a mobile checkpoint where they arrested the victim and took him to unknown destination, then he was transferred to branch 235 which is named Palestine branch.
His family paid an officer a sum of money to know his exact location, the officer informed them that he was put in Sydnaya prison on behalf of Palestine branch then he transferred back to Palestine branch.
HGRs CEO states that the continuous disappearance of a victim causes a big deal of suffering to the family and the Syrian Authorities must unveil his fate or put him under the protection of the law.
The case of this detainee is one of many cases who got systematically arrested by the Authorities for political reasons and were taken to secret detaining facilities and these practices must stop.
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