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Enforced Disappearance and Missing people

The organization started its work on Enforced Disappearance project and managed in a short period of time to reach a high efficiency level were we managed to unveil the fate of several cases which were documented. A sum of 311 cases were sent to enforced disappearance team in cooperation with Al-karama organization. Worth mentioning that our organization has sent 250 complete cases of enforced disappearance to the enforced disappearance team, about 40% of all cases raised to the enforced disappearance team. Now the organization sends case files directly to the enforced disappearance team in

A sum of 1700 enforced disappearance case files are documented

200 extrajudicial killing cases

13 torture casesDocumenting cases of space rocket killing

And explosive barrels

And chemicals in Khan Sheikun, Zardana, Greater Urum, Maara al-Nu’man and Idlib

Legal Support Program for victim family

The organization provided more than 50 Legal support sessions in Antakya in aim of raising legal awareness for both the victims’ family and refugees in cooperation   Danish refugee council

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