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Phase 1: Training activists on interviewing techniques and how to complete the form of the concerned documentation

Phase II: The organization activist who is trained on having interviews search

 for survivors and the families of the victims and takes their informed consent

for the interview after presenting his/herself

, the organization he/she represents and the purpose of documentation

then he/she selects a meeting date at a time and place that suits the people

all this is happening in the following areas:

Al-Qamishli, Al-Hasaka, Idlib ,Idlib countryside , Aleppo countryside , Latakia rural areas, Hama countryside and Damascus rural areas .


Phase 3: Our activist explains to his/her interviewer guests the contents

of the documentation form, the nature of the taken information in having all informed approvals regarding the written information, audio recording

pictures and video.


After that

the activist asks survivors or the victims’ relatives and fills out the documentation form approved by the HRG and complied with international standards in redirecting them to the medical, psychological and social services centers if they need.After that, The documentations are sent via a secure electronic platform, especially to the headquarters of the organization.

Phase 4:  The documentation office at the headquarter of the organization receive the documents, then check them and try to complete the shortcomings with the activist and the provider of information. After that, sending the cases, approved by the people to be searched through the United Nations mechanisms to the translation office to translate the case, then it will be sent to the department to formulate a complaint in order to inform United Nations mechanisms.


Phase 5: All these cases

are kept in the organization’s data in two copies

an electronic copy and a paper one into a safe place

and another copy of the documents authenticated by the partners of the Syrian Center for Justice and Accountability in the United States of America in accordance with the principles of the custody chain.

Phase 6: Advocacy phase and reporting one .

Initiatives:Lectures, seminars, celebrations, capacity-building and training.

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