Statement of the disappearance of two people by the Syrian regime on 18 May 2018

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

Human Rights Guardians raised two cases to the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances and called on UN experts to intervene immediately with the Syrian authorities to ensure the immediate release of the victims. The Syrian government forces abducted the victims between 2012 and 2014, and these two cases are only a sample of the thousands of victims of enforced disappearance documented by organizations throughout the country since the outbreak of the armed conflict in 2011 On 28-10-2013 the 40 year old Syrian victim was working in a leather factory in the countryside of Damascus And his father accompanied him to the center of Damascus to buy some supplies for the factory and while passing through the checkpoint of the regular army in the area of ​​Aqraba stopped the checkpoint and arrested him with his car and left his son.

His family searched for him and hired a lawyer to look for him but their efforts failed,

After about a year and a half, the family learned through a former detainee in Sednaya prison that he had seen the victim several times before turning the witness into Adra prison, but the victim’s family did not search or request the visit for fear of reprisals.

The second victim is a thirty-year-old carpentry worker who was born in Hamouriyeh, in the Syrian countryside, and lives with his family in the city of Sweida in a carpentry factory. On 21 April 2014, the victim submitted to the Criminal Security Department in Swaida to obtain a legal record. They arrested him and told his family that he was arrested and taken to an unknown destination. According to the family, the reason for his arrest was his origins to an opposition city. Who was liberated from the Syrian regime eight months after his arrest. His family received a call from one of the released persons. He told them that the victim was in Mazza military prison and that he had seen him several times before he was released, but the family did not take any action. 2018 Hama referred the two previous cases to the Panel on Enforced Disappearances and asked the experts of the Working Group to urge the Syrian authorities to immediately release the victims and in all cases to reveal their fate and whereabouts and place them under the rule of law.

Over the past years, enforced disappearance has been used as a weapon of war by all parties in Syria and the bulk of the enforced disappearances were committed by the Syrian authorities according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the Syrian authorities is responsible for 90% of the cases .

Syria’s International Commission of Inquiry said in a report that there was a widespread and systematic practice of enforced disappearance in Syria, a crime amounting to a crime against humanity. Sulaiman Issa, the executive director of Human Rights Guardians , said that a large number of Syrians have disappeared by the hands of the Syrian authorities. Their only crime is their birth in opposing and rebellious areas. It is a shame that a person’s home is a reason for his arrest, abduction and disappearances. For more information contact us at 00905050468995