On October 20, 2018, HRG filed a complaint with the International Independent Investigation Commission on the Syrian Arab Republic concerning the enforced disappearance of Ammar Salim, a 50-year-old Syrian citizen from Hama city, resident of Al-Atareb,

Ammar was arrested on 9-8 – 2016 by members of the Jabhat-alnossrah wearing black uniforms and black masks and riding in a black jeep with a badge on the front of Jabhat-alnossrah. At about 1:00 pm, the elements stormed Ammar’s motorcycle repair shop in Al-Atareb city And took him to an unknown destination.

Ammar’s family is not aware of the direct cause of the kidnapping, but they followed the search through the constituencies of Al-Atareb and its villages and the Al-Aqab branch. Several months later, there was talk about the possibility of being in the prison of the electricity company in Kafr-Hamra in Aleppo.

Jabhat-alnossrah has taken control of large parts of the countryside Idlib and Aleppo after the elimination of opponents of the rest of the factions.

Suleiman Issa, Executive Director of Human Rights guardians states that these actions amounting to enforced disappearances that are prohibited under international humanitarian law and international law of armed conflict and are a violation of fundamental human rights. “All armed groups involved in the conflict must respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law,” he said. “They cannot evade their responsibilities in violations Committed against civilians.

Human Rights guardians referred the case of Ammar al-Meer to the International Independent Investigation Commission on the Syrian Arab Republic for demanding a transparent and independent investigation into his enforced disappearance. The Commission of Inquiry on Syria established by a resolution of the UN Human Rights Council on 22 August 2011 was mandated to “investigate all reported violations in Syria, in accordance with international human rights law since March 2011” and to ensure “accountability of perpetrators, including Those that may constitute a crime against humanity.

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