An employee of a water company has been disappeared after being kidnaped by military intelligence

On 9-11-2018,Human Rights Guardians  contacted the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances owing to the case of a Syrian person from Al Khalidiyah, Hama governorate. That person was disappeared the same governorate, which located in the west central of Syria. That victim has kidnaped through the campaigns carried out by Military Intelligence. The victim was moved to an unknown destination, since that time up to now. The victim’s family do not know anything about his place and they did not do any act to know his palace because they are afraid of revenge and arrest, also because of the lack of money. On 29 March the forty-old employee was arrested inside the oven when he was going to buy bread. He is a working employee in the water station nearby the city without an official warrant. During the Military Intelligence raids in the early morning., some of them wearing civil clothes, the others were with military suits. They were about ten, they arrested the victim with his cousin Talal, moving both of them to the near checkpoint headquarter with torture and beatings. After 4 hours, they were moved to the military security center N.217 in Hama. The victim has seen by Talal Alnmro and Alaa Halabiya on 3\4\2014 before being moved to Damascus, he was with them at Alballone prison in Homs. Human Rights Guardians informed the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances about its anxiety regarding the fate of the victim and serious violations of his fundamental rights. In addition, Human Rights Guardians show that this case is just an example among thousands of cases of the common methodical disappearance in Syria. Human Rights Guardians reclaimed the UN team to interfere with the Syrian authorities to help the relatives of those two victims to find out their place and their fate, also to release them as soon as possible in putting them under law protection.

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