More forced disappearances reported to the United Nations Working Group

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

Geneva, 1st of April. Human Rights Guardians have submitted three cases of enforced disappearances in Syria to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID), requesting that the UN experts promptly intervene with the Syrian authorities to ensure the individuals’ immediate release.


All three men were abducted by government forces between 2013 and 2017, adding to the thousands of cases of enforced disappearances documented across the country since the beginning of the armed conflict in 2011. All three victims were arrested without being shown a warrant and without being given any reason for their arrests.



Khaled Bazkadi

Khaled disappeared on 26-11-2014 when he was returning from Lebanon, where he was working with his cousin while they were crossing the border. They stopped at the factory checkpoint, which is only 4 km from the border, where the victim and his cousin were checked. They found with them $ 1000 they brought with them from Lebanon the victim was accused along with his cousin of funding the gunmen. They were arrested at the checkpoint and they put them in Sednaya prison. His family searched for him and after paying 10 million Syrian pounds, they knew that he was in Sednaya prison without being able to see him.


Soahib Hajali

Sahaib was arrested on 18 of April 2017 when he was going to Hama to receive his accumulated salary as he had two years’ salary in the Directorate of Education in Hama. The victim went from his house which located in the southern countryside of Idlib exactly, at  Kafarsgana village at 6 am. He went to Hama with a bus driver named Muhammad Al Raya.  During the entrance of the Hama City from the northern entrance through Aleppo, the bus stopped at the checkpoint and asked them to go down to check their personal IDs and check their staff. Then, the victim was arrested at the checkpoint after confirmation of the checkpoint to the victim that he is required for military security in Damascus where he was transferred on the same day to Damascus.  Then, after two months. He was moved to the military security prison in Homs.

Shoman Shoman 

On the date of 05-07-2013, the victim took a vacation from the school where he was studying which called Wahid al-Yousef. He was planning to go to Lebanon because of the poor security situation in the town. He booked a white Kia minibus and went to Damascus where he was planning to go from there to Lebanon. when the bus passed by Al Jabal checkpoint on Abu Dali road, the victim was arrested and they said the victim belongs to the Nasra Front. The checkpoint took the victim and forced the minibus to return to the village. The family did not anything because of the fear of arresting.



Complaint submitted to the UN Working Group


On 1st  April and Human Rights Guardians asked that the WGEID urge the Syrian authorities to immediately release the three men or, at the very least, put them under the protection of the law and disclose their fates and whereabouts.


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