Statement of condemnation of the massacres in Idlib and its countryside

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

Human Rights Guardians condemned the continued rocket and helicopter bombings and the emptying of explosive barrels at civilians and civilian objects during the military operations launched by the Syrian government and Russian forces on the opposition areas in Syrian northern, especially in Idlib city and its countryside.

Since last April, Idlib areas with its suburbs and rural areas of Hama, were supposed to be within the so-called areas of escalation reducing, but really, it is the opposite, as the escalation is hardly left them and almost their sky is full of various types of aircraft.

Russian and Syrian missiles and a barrage of hatred and retaliation against civilians, women, children, vital, health centers and popular markets. It is assumed that international law considers civilians to not be directly targeted as military targets.

According to the most important rules of international Humanitarian Law, which is the distinction between civilian and military targets and the distinction between civilians and the military. All these violations reach the war crimes.

Human Rights Guardians warned that the continued bombardment of exploded barrels, cluster munitions and internationally banned weapons on the areas of reducing escalation foreshadowing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster for 3 million civilians in Idlib city  and its countryside, where three health centers, two hospitals and eight schools become out of service in Idlib governorate. 16 houses of worship (mosque) were completely and / or partially damaged as a result of the recent military campaign launched by the regime forces and their Russian allies on Idlib governorate-

  1. According to a report by Syrian Organization for Truth and Justice

. :Although Article 18th of the Fourth Geneva Convention explicitly states that civilian hospitals providing care for wounded, sick, infirm, women and the parties to the conflict may not be attacked and must be protected in any way.

Also humanitarian workers in these areas are directly targeted and all of this takes place in the context of a non-international armed conflict, which calls for punishment under International Humanitarian and Criminal Law.

2- According to the Syrian Human Rights Network

  33 massacres had killed 781 civilians. 208 children and 140 women. All within three months and before the world as a whole without moving a finger.

(Extrajudicial killings, deliberate indiscriminate shelling, forced displacement and bombardment of buildings and substructures ), which are of no value to the blood of innocent people, women and children. This is repeated every day at the silence of the superpowers what leads the Russian-Syrian alliance to commit more violations in the absence of inquiring and accountability.

says Suleiman Issa ,”The  Executive Director of Human Rights Guardians.

“It is a shame that these violations are repeated on a daily basis before the eyes of the world as a whole and we must act immediately to stop them and hold them accountable, as well as the United Nations institutions and the supporting bodies,” . The European Union’s refugee institutions provide humanitarian and service support and urgent medical care to patients,,” Required :

– That the Security Council should act in accordance with Article 41 and Article 42 and assume its responsibilities towards these crimes – and to issue a resolution in order to consolidate the cease-fire and provide real support for the course of the peace process in accordance with the Geneva process and declaring the path of Astana’s failure.

– The referral of the Syrian file to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and the accountability of all those involved, including the Russian regime.

– To remind the international envoy Pederson to assume his responsibilities and to condemn the perpetrators of crimes and massacres and to declare a clear and explicit attitude towards the perpetrators.

and that  Russia and Syria both are all involved in the blood of the Syrian people, that Russia is exerting every effort to rehabilitate the regime of barrels and present it to the world as a legitimate regime and promote safety and demand the return of refugees to prisons and torture. Finally, I appeal the Turkish government to declare a clear stand and specific position of these crimes, to work on stopping it , being among the guarantor states or to announce its withdrawal from Astana and declare its failure because of the violations of the Syrian and Russian regime..

The statement ended –

Human Rights Guardians

Turkey – Antakya