International day for the enforced disappearance Enforced disappearance is the death of humanity and the destruction of justice

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

On World Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance, Human Rights Guardians said that enforced disappearance is a death of humanity and destruction of justice, that the torment of uncertainty is a destroying thing and prevents society from recovery and the parties of the conflict are  continuing  relentlessly hiding their critics and spreading terrors among targeted people in order to silent or eliminate their voices and to punish them.

The organization has been campaigning for advocate  victims of more than 330 of enforced disappearance cases and expresses its intention to continue to exert pressure on the government to disclose the fate and whereabouts of all missing persons.As of this writing, 1,700 cases of enforced disappearance have been documented by all parties and in cooperation with their ICMP ( Internatonal Comitee on Missing Persons) partners.

By this remembrance, Suleiman Issa, The executive Director of Human Rights Guardians said:

The search for disappeared persons is a right of victims and a duty of States that should be implemented in a good faith and a meaningful, effective manner.

He stressed on the need to expedite the implementation of the new Security Council resolution on missing persons, which calls on the parties of the conflict to prevent disappearances more seriously in the first place, not to wait until the conflict ends to search for or identify graves, and to prevent the deliberate targeting of civilians, support tracing activities and return their remains and communication. ‘The family of the international community should expedite the implementation of the resolution in Syria to end the suffering of the families of the victims regarding their lack of knowledge of the fate of their loved ones and answer their daily questions and concerns’.He added.

By this regard, the Syrian Network for Human Rights said that 95 thousand people were subjected to enforced disappearance, 85% of them by the Syrian government and the rest 10% by extremist organizations and the rest by other opposition factions and self-administration. Without a warrant when the victim passes through a checkpoint or through raids, the detainee is tortured from first moment, denied access to his/her family and lawyer, and later turns to be an enforced disappeared, deprived of all his rights to ended being a number.

It is important to mention what Amnesty International has published by its researcher Diana Samaan, the Syrian researcher at Amnesty International Organization, in response to reports that the Syrian government has confirmed in its official records that at least 161 people had been forcibly disappeared since the beginning of the conflict in 2011.

“Today, Syrian families are facing a new kind of pain; they have endured years of unbearable suffering from ignoring what happened to their missing relatives. They anserwed that their relatives were died , they are sinking in a new cycle of mourning, the Syrian government must immediately return back the remains of these victims to their families to allow them to be buried and to hold a funeral ceremony, to inform their relatives of the circumstances of enforced disappearance and the death of their beloved ones.“

At the end, given the widespread systematic practice of enforced disappearance in the country, The Human Rights Guqrdians are calling on the Syrian authorities to respect its obligations under International Law, to put an end to this gross violation of Human Rights by opening investigations on all reported cases of disappearances, following up and prosecuting perpetrators of such crimes, compensating victims and their families, allowing UN staff to visit prisons and conducting independent investigations. There is no truth without justice and vice versa.

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30 / 8 / 2019

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