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Human rights guardians submits compliant about the extrajudicial killings in KAH refugee camp on November 20th 2019

At 8:30 p.m., when the Syrian regime forces and the Iranian militias supporting them launched a missile with a cluster payload from Jabal Azan base in the southern countryside of Aleppo towards the camps of KAH town in the north of Syria, which most of its residents are displaced citizens fleeing death from the northern Hama countryside and the southern Idlib countryside, 52 were Injured according to the testimony and statement of the civil defense, and the bombing led to partial destruction of the maternity hospital for women and children, the burning of a large number of tents, and the displacement of those who survived.

According to the civil defense certificate, which said it had found the remains of the missile, which was a short-range Toshka

9M79 Tochka

Which is Russian made and owned only by the Syrian regime and its Iranian and Russian ally.

Civil defense teams rushed to rescue the wounded, evacuate them, transfer serious injuries to Turkish hospitals, and extinguish fires.

Sulaiman Issa, executive director of Human Rights guardians, says that targeting a camp for displaced persons with coordinates and a known location does not contain any military bases or points systematically and intended by guided missiles is a war crime and a crime against humanity and that The deaths mentioned above as a result of the attack are a result of a violation by the Syrian authorities of their obligations under the rules of customary international humanitarian law, the Geneva Conventions, and their additional protocols, which prohibit indiscriminate attacks against civilians and the consequent unnecessary suffering. This attack violated the principle of distinction, which is enshrined in Rule No. 1 of the rules of customary international humanitarian law that requires parties to a conflict to distinguish between combatants and civilians.

On December 6, Human Rights guardians filed a complaint with the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings or by a brief or arbitrary procedures, requesting that the Syrian authorities must stop their attacks on civilians, open an immediate and transparent investigation into these cases, and bring those responsible to justice.

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Antakya – 6 December 2019

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