Human Rights Guardians files a complaint to the rapporteur on extrajudicial killing about the victim of targeting the industrial zone and and the cardamom market (Souq Al Hal) in the city of Idlib on 15-01-2020

نشرت من قبل SAAD DIN ALDKHIL في

On 01/15/2020,

a MiG-23 plane took off from Hama Military Airport,

the symbol: (Sumood) steadfastness, according to flight tracking observatories, at 2:00 .

it flew over Ma’arat Al-Numan northerly

and then at 2:04, it dropped bombs and barrels on the industrial area

and the cardamom market (Souq Al Hal) in the city of Idlib.

in the north-eastern.

which was crowded with civilians where there were no clear military targets throughout all the region.

19 civilians, including a civil defense volunteer

and a child were died in addition to the wounding of more than 68 others.

The raid brought the shops and neighboring buildings destruction.

and panic was spread among the civilians who rushed to refuge in the neighboring basements, teams rescue rushed  to evacuate dead and alive persons

Evidence The gathered evidences by local observatories, which were able to track the aircraft from its taking-off, during the raid itself.

indicated that the described attack above was carried out by a Syrian warplane took off from Hama Military Airport, as well as it was of a MiG-23 type.

The attack took place  after the declared truce by the Turkish and Russian governments.

a day before.

where that truce completely collapsed and the Syrian forces launched more than one hundred air strikes on all Idlib cities, towns, and countryside, and Jericho,which led to the collapse of that truce basically .

Suleiman Issa, executive director of Human Rights guardians , says :

9 years ago and the killing machine against the Syrian people hasn’t been stopped

where the biggest losers are civilians, punished by the Syrian and Russian authorities by directly targeted in striking their gathering places such as popular markets, camps for the displaced, and residential areas. These violations are all considered as war crimes and crimes against humanity’,

Suleiman Issa, the executive director of Human Rights Guardians, says.

On January 17, Human Rights Guardians Organization had submitted a complaint

to the special Rapporteur on extrajudicial

summary or arbitrary executions seeking her to call on the Syrian authorities and their Russian ally to stop their attacks on civilians, and to open an immediate and transparent investigation of these cases, and bring those responsible to justice to punish them.

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Antakya ( Antioch) / Hatay January 17, 2020