The disappearance of two men from one family by the hands of the military security in Hama

On June 15, the Human Rights Guardians organization

addressed the Working Group on Enforced

or Involuntary Disappearances at the United Nations on cases of Syrian citizens

from one family,

who’s disappeared in the Hama Governorate

in western central Syria by the military security forces without reason

and transferred them to an unknown destination and denied their presence. Since then their families are unaware of their whereabouts, and have taken no action to find out their fate for fear of reprisal or arrest.

The first victim Wardan AL-nemr

was in his house when At exactly 6:00 pm

on the date of the accident,

a yellow taxi Hyundai Verna taxi came to Al-Dahra neighborhood,

with three members of the military Security in addition to the driver, and they entered the neighborhood and arrested Wardan and his brother-in-law,

Wael Jadou ‘,

and then they went to branch 217 according to them For an investigation with him

after one hour, his brother-in-law, “Wael Jadoua” was released.

Just 50 days after the arrest of Wardan, they heard from an unknown person working for the Military Security that he was in Branch 215, and he said that he had been interrogated by Captain Muhammad, head of the investigation department in Branch 217, and they then transferred him to Branch 215 and he was prepared to transfer to Sednaya prison. His brother Muhammad Fayez Al-Nemr negotiated this unknown person to get him out of prison and clear his record for 16 million Syrian pounds, but he did not have 1% of that amount and he asked for a week to be able to secure the amount, but he heard that the detainee was transferred to Damascus and had not heard any news about him ever since.

The second victim Husien Al-nemr

who was arrested by two members of the security forces,

including Abu Rami and captain Waseem from Tartous, came and took him, claiming that he had painted the walls of the checkpoint.

  After two hours,

the security forces stormed the victim’s house at two o’clock in the afternoon.

They were about 20 members and took him to the village checkpoint.

  Then they  returned  him to agricultural land

claiming the existence of a hidden weapon,

knowing that he is innocent, then they took the victim to the Military Security Branch next to the village and then he was transferred to Damascus

in the Military Security Branch 215 and they heard with unconfirmed information or confirmed

by an official document of his death there.

The practice of enforced disappearance has been widespread since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, systematic and promoted crimes against humanity that do not fall out of date.

And human rights protectors are concerned about the fate of the two victims and the widespread violations of their basic rights, and called on the international team to interfere with the authorities to help the relatives of the two victims know the fate and whereabouts of their relatives and release them quickly.

Antakya 15/06/2020

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