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Statement on the participation of human rights guardians in a report on enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention of the universal periodic review mechanism


Antakya/ Turkey 28/7/2021

Human rights guardians participate in the Universal Periodic Review team with a report on enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention.

About the universal periodic review:

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique process that includes a review of the human rights records of all UN member states. It is a state-led process that takes place under the supervision of the Human Rights Council and takes place every four and a half years for each of the first members of the UN. The UPR is an opportunity for states and other parties, including civil society and specialized UN agencies to assess the measures taken by the state to improve the human rights situation in the country and to issue recommendations for the future.

The UPR comes after four years of suffering and lack of progress in the field of human rights in Syria as an opportunity for us as interested parties to present our report on the issues of enforced disappearance and arbitrary detention and its progress:

 Report contents:

1.Enforced disappearance

Government and allied forces carried out indiscriminate and direct attacks on civilians Security forces arbitrarily arrested civilians and former combatants who had reconciled with the government and continued to detain tens of thousands of people, including peaceful activists, humanitarian aid workers, lawyers, and journalists, subjecting many to enforced disappearance, torture and other ill-treatment, and causing deaths in custody.

Until 2021, the date of writing this report, the Syrian government forces did not stop prosecuting citizens against the background of their political opposition and their views guaranteed by the constitution. Rather, the arrests and enforced disappearances of the supporters themselves targeted just for their criticism of the living and economic conditions in their country in areas controlled by government forces.

The number of forcibly disappeared persons at the hands of government forces has increased since the last review from 71,533 people to 84,371 disappeared, which is the equivalent of 3,200 cases each year – according to reports by the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

360 families of the victims’ relatives commissioned the Human Rights Guardians Organization to search for their relatives by writing to the team on enforced disappearance. Indeed, the human rights Guardians sent 360 complaints to the team on enforced disappearance. The government refused to cooperate with the team and give it any clarification regarding most of these cases.



2.Arbitrary arrest

Civilians, human rights defenders, political activists and aid workers are subject to arbitrary detention, tried under exceptional laws, and subsequently forcibly disappeared.

Arrests in Syria take place without a warrant when the victim passes a checkpoint or during raids, and the security forces of the four main intelligence agencies are often responsible for arrests outside the judicial authority.

The detainee is subjected to torture from the first moment of his arrest, and he is deprived of communication with his family or lawyer. The authorities also deny carrying out arbitrary arrests, and most detainees are forcibly disappeared.

Since the last review until today, the Syrian government and its security branches have detained 14,548 people, at a rate of 3,637 cases each year, according to the annual reports of arbitrary detention issued by the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

The arrests and prosecutions took place mainly for people who settled their security situation in the areas that signed reconciliation / settlement agreements with the Syrian government forces, and the arrests were concentrated in the governorates of Damascus countryside and Daraa.


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Human Rights Guardians HRG notifies the working group of arbitrary detention of the arbitrary arrest of two Syrian citizens

Human Rights Guardians HRG notifies the working group of arbitrary detention of the arbitrary arrest of two Syrian citizens

Geneva 1-07-2020

On July 1, Human Rights Guardians HRG addressed the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention at the United Nations on cases of Syrian citizens, whose trail disappeared in Hama Governorate in western central Syria by the Air Security and Political Security Forces without reason and transferred them to an unknown destination and denied their presence since then. At that time, their families were unaware of their whereabouts, and they had taken no action to find out their fate, for fear of reprisal or arrest.

On August 8 2014, Ayman al-Nimr was arrested by political security forces after his cousin convinced him of the necessity to make a settlement of his status since all members of the neighborhood from the al-Nimr family had been placed on the wanted lists of the Political Security branch because of suspicion of their participation in peaceful demonstrations, after surrendering himself with a group From the youth of the neighborhood and entering the branch building, Ayman never got out and remained for two months in the branch with the testimony of the mayor Yahya Al-Salloum. Then he was transferred to Damascus, but his whereabouts remain unknown.

Initially, the victim was transferred from Hama Central Prison to Sednaya prison where he remained there for two months, then he was transferred to Hama Prison again and due to his illness he was operated on in the National Hama Hospital where his wife Safaa Al-Nimr and his mother Hana Salloum visited him and he remained there for a week and was returned to Sednaya, where it is said that he have been executed by firing squad, according to some witnesses there, but information confirming the account by the regime and his fate is completely unknown. After the news of his execution in Sednaya prison, his father died of a stroke.

As for the victim, Abdel Hamid Al-Salloum, the Air Force Intelligence forces arrested him in Hama when a force affiliated with the Air Security Forces stormed the village of Kafr Al-Ton on the 27th of October 2012 when they forced his older brother to summon him. They placed him handcuffed in the trunk of their car, which was heading to an unknown location. Previous detainees told the victim that Abd al-Hamid al-Salloum was in prison at the Military Intelligence Airport of Hama

After two years, his wife looked at several branches in Damascus, but to no avail.

Sulaiman Issa, executive director of Human Rights Guardians, says that the arrest of Salloum and al-Nimr is a grave breach of the fair trial guarantees stipulated in Articles 9 and 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Articles 10 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Families of the two victims have contacted Human Rights Guardians to file a complaint with the Working Group with arbitrary detention to ensure that the Syrian authorities respect the law, release them, and place them under the protection of the law.

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حماة حقوق الإنسان تخطر الفريق العامل بالاعتقال التعسفي عن اعتقال شخصين سوريين تعسفا                  

حماة حقوق الإنسان تخطر الفريق العامل بالاعتقال التعسفي عن اعتقال شخصين سوريين تعسفا                  

جنيف 1-07-2020 

خاطبت منظمة حماة حقوق الإنسان، في الأول من تموز  ، الفريق العامل المعني بحالات الاحتجاز التعسفي في الأمم المتحدة بشأن قضايا مواطنين سوريين  ، اختفى أثرهما في محافظة حماة غرب وسط سوريا على يد قوات الأمن الجوي والامن السياسي بدون سبب ونقلهما الى جهة مجهولة وأنكار وجودهم منذ ذلك الحين تجهل عائلتهم  مكان تواجدهم، ولم تقم بأي إجراء لمعرفة مصيرهما  خوفا من الانتقام أو الاعتقال.

. بتاريخ 2014\8\29.اعتقلت قوات الأمن السياسي  ايمن النمر بعد ان اقنعه ابن عمه بضرورة اجراء تسوية لوضعه حيث ان جميع ابناء الحي من عائلة النمر كانوا قد وضعوا في قوائم المطلوبين لفرع الأمن السياسي بسبب الاشتباه ب مشاركتهم بالمظاهرات السلمية وبعد تسليم نفسه مع مجموعة من شباب الحي ودخولهم مبنى الفرع لم يخرج ايمن مطلقاُ وبقي شهرين في الفرع بشهادة المختار يحيى السلوم بعدها تم تحويله الى دمشق لكن بقى مكانه مجهولاً, في البداية تم تحويل الضحية من سجن حماة المركزي الى سجن صيدنايا حيث بقي هناك شهرين بعدها تم تحويله الى سجن حماة مرة اخرى وبسبب مرضه تم اجراء عملية جراحية له في مشفى حماه الوطني حيث زارته زوجته صفاء النمر ووالدته هناء السلوم  وبقي هناك مدة اسبوع وتم اعادته الى صيدنايا حيث يقال انه تم اعدامه رميا بالرصاص  حسب بعض الشهود هناك لكن معلومات تؤكد الرواية من قبل النظام ومصيره مجهول تماما وبعد تواتر الانباء عن اعدامه بسجن صيدنايا توفي والده بجلطة دماغية حزنا عليه .


اما الضحية عبد الحميد السلوم فقد اعتقلته قوات المخابرات الجوية بحماه عندما اقتحمت قوة تابعة لقوات الامن الجوي بتاريخ

27-10-2012الساعة الثالثة فجرا لقرية كفر الطون عندما أجبروا شقيقه الأكبر على استدعائه وبعدها تم اعتقاله وضربه امام

والدته التي توسلت اليهم بعدم ضربه وتركه ولكنهم لم يستجيبوا لها ووضعوه مكبلا في صندوق سيارتهم التي اتجهت الى مكان

مجهول .أخبر معتلقون سابقون ذوي الضحية بتواجد عبد الحميد السلوم  بسجن بمطار حماه العسكري التابع للمخابرات الجوية

بحثت زوجته بعد سنتين بعدة افرع بدمشق لكن دون جدوى


يقول سليمان عيسى المدير التنفيذي لمنظمة حماة حقوق الإنسان أن اعتقال السلوم والنمر انتهاك جسيم لضمانات المحاكمة العادلة، المنصوص عليها في المواد 9 و 10 من الإعلان العالمي لحقوق الإنسان، والمواد 10 و14 من العهد الدولي للحقوق المدنية والسياسية


تواصلت عوائل الضحيتين  مع منظمة حماة حقوق الأنسان لرفع شكوى الى الفريق العامل بالاعتقال التعسفي لضمان احترام السلطات السورية  للقانون واخلاء سبيلهم  ووضعهم تحت حماية القانون.

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