Who are we

Human Rights Guardians organization

Turkish name:  Suriyeli Insan HaklarI Dernegi

 A nongovernmental nonprofit organization aims to monitor human rights violations in Syria and refuge countries, publish reports, participate in transitional justice and deal with the UN’s mechanisms. The organization works for a Syrian society ruled by justice and freedom


The organization was founded on July 1st 2014 in the city of Antakya / Turkey and an internal system was adopted on July 7th 2014. The organization started its work by establishing a field documentation team in Syria in the following provinces (Idlib country side – Homs country side – Hama country side – Idlib – Qamishly – Latakia country side) with two activists in every region


A  Syrian society Ruled by Justice and freedom

Our values

Truth – Justice – Equality – Awareness

Our Message

 Defend victims of human rights violations in Syria especially when the right of freedom and life is compromised hence the priority was defending the enforced disappeared persons and those who are threatened by extrajudicial killing and torture and arbitrary arrest.